You are all welcome to stay longer at CESR after the meeting to work together and with us.

You can find below a couple of suggestions for pre- and post-meeting tourism. Note that Monday 1 June is off in France but most of the places will be open.



Toulouse has a very solid reputation (in french) gastronomy, based on regional products (foie gras, magret, confit, cassoulet). There are plenty of restaurants in Toulouse, we have (not yet) tried all of them but we may recommend the following ones if you can not make your choice:

La Madeleine de Proust

Chez Emile

Le Bistrot de l’Etoile

Le Bon Vivre

Le Bruit qui Court

Chez Jules

Les Fabuleux Festins

Le Bouchon Lyonnais

Les Caves de la Marechale

Bon Appetit !


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