Agenda (new)

9:30 AM Tuesday, June 2

9:30     Welcome and local arrangements  (Andre)

9:40     Project status (Young)

10:00   Flight operations, software, data archival (Furman)

10:30   Science planning (current, XM, XXM) (Crary)

11:00   ELS status (Lewis)

11:15   Coffee break

11:30   IBS status (Thomsen)

11:45   IMS status (Tokar)

12:15   CAPS data products (status) (Crary)

12:45   Other status discussions

1:00 to 2:00 Lunch (buffet)

2:00 Science discussions


Structure in the Titan Torus Region (Goldstein)

Plasma and ion composition properties at Titan (Sittler)

Global features of ion distributions near Titan (Nemeth)

Ion moments during T15 (Silannpaa)

Escape from Titan (Elrod, for UVa Group)

Titan’s ionosphere as a “particle” source (Young)

Enceladus & icy satellites

Enceladus Torus (Elrod, for UVa Group)

Dust in Enceladus’s plume (Arridge)

Cluster ions, trapped gases and sputtering (Baragiola)

6:00 Adjourn

~7:00 Team dinner (traditional “toulousain” restaurant in city center)

9:30 AM Wednesday, June 3

Science discussions continued


Magnetoshperic O2 (Elrod, for UVa Group)

Numerical ion moments and science (Thomsen)

Electron-Ion moment data comparison (Schippers)

Electrons in Saturn’s magnetotail (Arridge)

Long-Duration Magnetic Reconnection in Saturn’s Magnetotail  (Thomsen/McAndrews)

Plasmasheet latitudinal extension (Schippers)

1:00 to 2:00 Lunch (buffet)

2:00 Science discussions


Mapping of the magnetospheric boundaries  (Schippers)

Periodicities and the plasma cam (Young, for Burch)

Control Parameters for Plasma Dynamics  ( Santos-Costa)

Next CAPS meeting: Carol Paty has offered to host the next CAPS meeting at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. Projected date is some time in the Fall.

~4:00 Adjourn


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