We provide below a list of hotels in the vicinity of the ‘Jean Jaures’ tube station covering a wide range of prices. Team members should book accomodation directly with the hotels. The quoted prices are approximate.

A) Hotel Mercure Toulouse Wilson (~140 euros, recommended)

B) Hotel Castellane Toulouse (~80 euros)

C) Hotel Best Western Capitouls Toulouse (~150 euros)

D) Hotel(s) Ours Blanc Toulouse (~85 euros, recommended)

E) Hotel Crowne Plaza Toulouse (~170 euros)

F) Grand Hotel Opera Toulouse (~190 euros)

G) Hotel Riquet Toulouse (~60 euros)

H) Hotel Royal Wilson Toulouse (~60 euros)

You can find below a map showing you the location of these hotels in the city center:

Location of hotels in the city center

Please let us know if you need additional information or advice.


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